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Vicki Nicolson Principal Port Chalmers

Encounters with the Reggio Emilia Approach to Education from a Primary School Perspective.

My visit to Reggio Emilia in April 2014 allowed me to witness and sense learning that was dynamic and lived through action. This raised many questions and a sense of disquiet in how can I facilitate this in a primary school classroom in New Zealand.   How can we as teachers facilitate our children to be researchers? How do we interpret and challenge their sense of wonder? How do we make learning visible for the learners in our classrooms?

I will endeavour to share some of the common touchstones that as an educator were pleasing to embrace from my time in Reggio Emilia. I will also share the many encounters that have raised disquiet in me. This disquiet therefore influences the learning path in our place which will have a New Zealand Reggio Emilia feel for learning and is empowering, visible, ‘with’ children and full of wonder.

Julia Atkin

A time to talk to Julia and examine how her concepts can be utilised in a NZ primary school.

NZEI – Jennyth Spence, Industrial Officer – Graham Jones, Principal Support Officer

Basic Employment practice – protect yourself by finding out what you need to know to get it almost right!

Perry Rush, Principal Island Bay – Misbehaving Appropriately- Learning in the 21st Century

Perry will discuss learning purpose required of schools in the 21st Century. He will share his conceptual curriculum and ways of planning, teaching, and assessing that maximise both student and staff agency. Most importantly he will show that in our student-centred educational landscape, ‘teaching’ is different to ‘facilitation’ and deserves to be reenergised! (Max 40)

Mark Osborne

A workshop examining the concepts Mark addresses in his Keynote speech with particular reference to the practicalities of development

Fiona Hollingworth (MOE) – School Finances

What is the key finance information the BoT needs to to make good decisions? Current issues/hot topics. What I do and how I can help your school? (Max 40)

Denise Torrey, NZPF President and Principal Somerfield School

‘A conversation with Denise Torrey – developing ideas about leadership development and principal support (Max 20)

Tim Lovelock, Principal Myross Bush School and his team Evelyn Aurik & Jenna Brown

Myross Bush School is one of the oldest average aged schools in Southland but what happens inside those buildings and how they are used is not. We will share our story of how we have ‘changed the game’ and developed our practice of why we do what we do from the inside out.
Our future focussed learning practice as a team has morphed over five years and includes elements of SOLO, learning pathways, partnership (team) teaching, flexible learning groups and shared planning and reflecting – all in a traditional ‘silo’ classroom infrastructure that has become our ‘flexible learning environment’.
Come and hear our story of how our team walks the talk at Myross Bush. (Max 150)

Cleave Hay (NZSTA) Principal – Board relationships

As Principal, you are the pivot point between the governance body and the school, providing leadership to the day to day people and programmes whilst reporting to the board of trustees. As such the relationship between the principal and board is a crucial one. This can be a highly rewarding experience but can also be a most challenging or frustrating distraction of your time. Although maintaining professional and productive relationships around the board table is predominantly the role of the chair, the principal is an integral part to also ensure the board remains focussed on student achievement and its business of governance. This workshop will explore the roles, the relationships and how, as principal, you may play your important part. (Max 40)

Cleave Hay (NZSTA) Principal – Reporting to the Board

There is the old cartoon of a board of directors saying “I wish the CEO would bring us the information we need”, whilst the CEO states “I wish they would tell me what they need so I can provide it”. Sound familiar? Oh for some good korero ““might even save some time for leading and teaching.  This workshop will outline key ‘must haves – and provide example formats for discussion including agendas, annual report updates, principal reports, curriculum reviews, policy/procedure review, and other regular reporting areas.  Feel free to bring your own successful experience to share.
Max 40

Angela Hubac DP Milton School

Angela is an experienced and passionate classroom teacher and DP. Her workshop is based on Modern Learning Pedagogy (MLP) and will be full of engaging yet practical digital technology ideas and strategies that people can use in their classrooms. Workshop is suitable for people beginning on the MLP journey. (Max 40)

NZEI, Jennyth Spence & Graham Jones

Complaints, Discipline, and Competency – Keep it Fair and Transparent – understand the processes, and the possible on-going impacts both for the employer and the employee Need another topic

Andrew Grieg, NZ Teachers Council

Mandatory reporting requirements. When are employers and principals required to send reports of conduct and competence to the Council, and what happens when these reports arrive at the Council.

The changes principals need to know about in regard to the conduct and competence side of things when the Education Amendment Act 2015 commences. For example, some changes to fixed term employment and reporting and an increased penalty for not filing a mandatory report.

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