Mark Osborne

mark-osborne-3Mark is a Senior Consultant who works in Future-Focused Education, particularly in the areas of Modern Learning Environments, Leadership and eLearning. To put it another way, he helps schools and centres build great spaces to learn while helping educators develop the capacity to make the most of those spaces. Mark also founded Emerging Leaders-Aotearoa, a group of several hundred educators who are committed to growing leadership capacity across the sector.

Mark’s personal mission is to turn all schools into awesomeness incubators, and he is currently completing his PhD on leadership in modern learning environments, at the University of Melbourne.

Mark founded Emerging Leaders Aotearoa as a vehicle to help grow leadership within the profession, and now works with a network of people to turn all schools into ‘awesomeness incubators’. He runs EduIgnite evenings around the country, and a two-day unconference ‘Ignition’ once a year to foster innovation in the profession.


Mark has expertise in the following areas :

  • Building leadership capacity; developing strengths-based leadership in schools.
  • Teaching as inquiry, research and evidence-based practice, data analysis. Helping teacher pedagogy keep pace with 21st century demands.
  • Developing professional development experiences that are engaging, innovative and meaningful. Working to achieve top-down goals through grass-roots innovation.
  • Facilitating conferences, barcamps, and unconferences.
  • Cloud computing, mobile devices, BYOD (bring your own device), and 1:1 computing.
  • Aligning curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, technology, and learning spaces.

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